Trimos Universal Length Machine (ULM) – Labconcept Nano

A new reference in matter of dimensional metrology. The unique combination of an ultra accurate measuring system and the motorization of XYZ axes make it the most performing calibration system on the market. 

The Labconcept Nano is a new reference in the field of dimensional metrology. It integrates 40 years of knowledge and continuous improvement. It is a remarkable instrument for all measuring tasks that require extremely high accuracy.


The uncompromising design of the Labconcept Nano offers an ideal and performing platform for checking and calibration of all kinds of gauges and measuring instruments. Checking of internal and external dimensions will be done as a fully automatic procedure by the three motorized axes XYZ and the legendary simplicity of use of Trimos WinDHI software.

The Labconcept Nano is completely designed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards. Robustness, reliability and longevity are our traditional values.

The Labconcept Nano combines tradition, experience and a strong technological lead. It integrates the latest measuring and motorisation technologies and can be considered as the first “full digital” calibration instrument. A regular PC controls all electronic components. This low-power solution avoids heating and keeps the energy, maintenance and repair costs at a reasonable level. The linear bearings used in all guideways have proven their superiority over all other technologies in terms of precision, wear, rigidity, temperature stability, reliability, dust protection and maintenance. They ensure exceptional repeatability and precision through time.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Labconcept Nano 350 600  1100
Application range 1) mm (in) 350 (13.2) 600 (23.6) 1100 (43.3)
Absolute measuring range mm (in) 350 (13.2)
Max. permissible errors 2) µm 0.07 + L(mm)/2000
Repeatability (2s) 2) µm 0.03
Max. resolution mm (in) 0.000001 (0.0000001)
Measuring force (adjustable by software) N 0 ÷ 12
Operational temperature °C 0.428571429
Temperature of storage °C -0.25
Relative humidity % 20 ÷ 80
Weight kg 350 420 500

1) The measuring range depends on the anvils used.

2) Values valid at temperature of 20 ± 0.2 °C and relative humidity of 50 ± 5%.