Dorsey 14” Horizontal Profile Projector – 14HE

The 14HE bench top comparator is Dorsey Metrology’s basic and most economical comparator with the same high quality features as the other comparators in our product line, but in a smaller package and a lower price. The addition of our extra long life LED surface illumination is another Dorsey innovation.



  • 14″ (350mm) angled high resolution glass screen for optimum viewing with 90 degree cross lines, calibration reticle and chart clips
  • Reversed and inverted profile image
  • Machined chart ring with vernier protractor, 1 minute graduation facilitates optimal alignment
  • Coated telecentric parfocal optics
  • Quick change single lens mount
  • Integrated hood
  • Solid cast iron nickel plated stage
  • 3 axis solid rail crossed roller bearings
  • Single universal dovetail stage
  • 16″ x 4″ overall stage size
  • 8″ / 200mm X axis travel with “glide release”
  • 4″ / 100mm Y axis travel (vertical movement/rise & fall)
  • 50 lbs capacity
  • ± 5 degree light source helix adjustment
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • 2 year limited warranty


Optional Features:

  • Internal edge detection
  • LED surface illumination
  • Choice of readout options
  • Output for electronic rotary screen protractor (Q axis) on readout with selectable 1 minute or 1/100 of a degree resolution
  • Harsh Environment package